Orientation Course - HSSS - 31 Aug-05 September 2015- delivered by Jo Georgiou

Congratulations to Adriana, Almudena, Ana, Ana, Caroline, Eleonora, Grace, Lucille, Marion, Morgane & Raymond  for successfully completing the Orientation HSSS course from the  31st of August until the 5th of  September 2015 in Genoa.
On behalf of Progress, we would like to thank you all for your enthusiasm, dedication, positive and passionate contribution throughout the course and trust you will apply the new skills and techniques that you have learned to enrich your self development.

We wish you every success for the future!

Testimonies of Orientation HSSS course 31- Aug-05 Sep

‘I really enjoyed the course from beginning to end. Jo is wonderful, exceeded all my expectations. She has a way of making sure the information sticks and making the course fun as well as educational. I feel like I will embark the ship prepared.
Thank you Jo!’

‘I have experienced the HSSS Orientation Training given by Joanne Georgiou, very interesting, informative,consistent and useful. It provides a perfect basic orientation what to expect on board a cruise vessel and our position. Combining the lecture with information with video contributes to a better understanding. Joanne is a very passionate and enthusiastic trainer with a great personality and technical skills.’

‘This training has met my expectations in all possible ways. I think it is very useful for new Costa members, because you feel very lost at the beginning. The information given was appropriate, but I would have liked to have an hour Italian course. I think watching videos helps a lot. I also liked my class mates and the fact that we weren’t too many people attending’.

What I enjoyed most about the training was the people. Everyone was so lovely and friendly. It was a bit daunting to begin with, not knowing what to expect but Joanne our Trainer was very warm and friendly and made us feel like we could ask questions without feeling embarrassed. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the role plays, but that’s me- I find them scary!

I enjoyed a lot meeting and being together with people who will be in the same position. I appreciate alot how the teacher made it easy to remember facts, words and important things. The best parts are role plays to get used to talking in front of people. Going to the ship is going to be a really exciting and enriching for our curiosity. Also videos of people already on board are great.

‘I really enjoyed the course because it was really interactive, it made us move around the room for role plays. It wasnt just a class where you sit down and listen. We were encouraged to participate and ask questions.
Joanne is a great teacher, very enthusiastic. A few things to improve :
1)Put english subtitles on the guests videos
2) Introduce the student in a more professional manner ( uniform & hair management).’

‘It’s the first time I ‘ve ever heard anything about ships, so everything was new to me. But the course and the teacher were very explicit, so I had no problem to follow the course. I really enjoyed real stories that happened on board, so I have an idea of what I will find.’

‘What I enjoyed the most in this training is the different role plays that we did in order to consolidate our knowledge and everything we have done in the course. It was also important for me to see videos about life on board.

I would also include a map of a typical ship in order to start to get used to life on board’

‘The course was done by an experienced trainer and all the modules were easy to understand. We could practice what we were learning by doing role plays. It was also interesting to meet our future colleagues.’

‘One of the most enjoyable training experiences I have ever had in my life, Joanne is an inspiration who encourages all candidates regardless of experience and background.
The course is an excellent mixture of styles and techniques, which enables all candidates a fair and enjoyable training course I will never forget.’

‘The course was really human and interactive and I really enjoyed the overall atmosphere. I feel like I’ve learnt alot without really making an effort-Thank you Joanne for your energy and friendliness.’

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