TTT1 - 16-18 Sep - delivered by Maria Evagora

Congratulations to Andrea, Stefania, Jessica, Valeria, Federica, Domenico & Luca for successfully completing the TTT1 course, from the 16th until the 18th of  September 2015 in Genoa.
On behalf of Progress, we would like to thank you for your enthusiasm, dedication, positive and passionate contribution throughout the course and trust you will apply the new skills and techniques that you have learned to enrich your self development.

We wish you every success for the future!


" It has been a great opportunity to familiarize with this new "field". Great course thanks to a great Trainer Maria. With surprise I found out that to be a trainer would give me genuine enthusiasm and passion !!!
Thanks !! "

"The course was extremely interesting in its subject matter, as well as the way it was delivered and the methodology applied. It was very captivating and deep in concept. I was personally impressed by the level of attention, feedback and participation of each one of us as audience. Very professional and passionate and enthusiastic teacher. Thank you very much Maria !!!! "

"Train the Trainer 1 has been a very very interesting course for the contents explained, the methodology used and of course the professionalism and wonderful approach used by the teacher Maria.. I never got bored for a minute.I was always focused and I found the time dedicated to the feedback was very important. Thanks a lot its been a pleasure " !!!!

" Overall the course was just great. I really liked the positive attitude ( and patience ) of the teacher Maria. It was generally a very good balance between theoretical and practical aspects. It offered the opportunity for everybody to actively participate, clarify questions and most of all the patience of the Trainer. Very good job, Thank you " !!

"Excellent course, excellent Trainer !! Interesting, passionate, stimulating topics !! Useful to enhance us in our professional and personal life. Thank you very much Maria " !!

" It was a very useful course, not only for job but for life too ! Excellent Trainer !!! Thank you Maria " !!

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