The Progress International Training Methodology incorporates accelerated learning Techniques, a high level of inter-action through task setting, elements of NLP and a multi-sensorial experience to aid memory retention within a well defined Training cycle.

Our Training features up to 50 unique symbols designed to facilitate the Methodology, guide the Training, support efficiency and accelerate the speed of learning.

Learner Types
Our Training is designed to encompass all Learner Types, within a learning cycle that has been divided into 5 set stages. Training is designed in carefully timed slots to capture attention and ensure a smooth flow of learning and discovery.

Exercise Handouts are distributed as each specific Group, Triad, Pair or Individual Task or Exercise occurs in sequence. All participants also receive a complete set of reference handouts which is indexed, visually impacting and comes in a booklet style.

Training Principles
Progress International applies a set of in-house Training principles, with rules to manage how text and images are expressed, how information is transmitted, as well as effective sequencing and capturing of all Learner Types.

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